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Care & Maintenance

  Eco Decking Tiles™. Easy Maintenance

Eco Decking tiles require very little maintenance, in fact there is a virtually main-
tenance free option, which is, having installed the tiles… just leave them, the only
maintenance required would be the occasional clean with warm soapy water and brush.
Over a period of time the tiles will begin to change color due to the action of UV light, and
over a period of between 12 to 18 months the color of the timber will change to an even silver color.

Your ECO DECKING TILES are treated with a low-density sealer at the factory, which gives it a smooth shine. However, the oil used is designed for sealing, rather than a treatment for fading. This is to guard against cracks from the sun that can surface if not treated. The tiles are also treated with a wax coating on each end, which will reduce cracking. This cracking is due to the flexibility of the lumber, and it’s ability to absorb humidity and then evaporate it. The wax used will disappear in due time, and the wax will maintain itself inside the cut edges. The sealer that is used is designed to protect the lumber in those first few weeks of sun exposure, rather than address the actual fading process.



IPE at Milling
(Or new look)

Curupay at Milling
(Or new look)
Grapia at Milling
(Or new look)
Ipe Weathered
Curupay After
Sun Exposure
Grapia Weathered
  Keep The New Timber Look

However if you wish to maintain the walnut coloring of the Ipe we would suggest the use of a good quality oil treatment with an effective UV filter; such as Timber Guard which has been tested by the manufacturer on our tiles and should give between 12 and 18 months protection, before reapplication is required.

Like all lumber and outdoor furniture, regular care and maintenance with an outdoor wood preservative is required to maintain color, and prevent fading and stains. However, as this is a tropical hardwood that is extremely dense, the penetration of the sealer is limited, therefore it is important to have a regular care and maintenance schedule. Some recommendations:


• Soy Oil Sealer is a quality product that is all natural, water based, and easy to apply; it dries quickly and looks great. Soy Oil Sealer will require repeated applications.

• Messmer’s makes a UV Plus for Hardwood Decks specifically designed for dense exotic Hardwoods. It is an oil-based product.

• Penofin Finish for Hardwood is used for all fine hardwoods such as IPE, Pau Lope®, Ironwood™, Mahogany, and Teak.

• For a longer lasting seal and finish, dip the tiles during installation (wood down) in a shallow pan of Cabot’s Australian Timber Oil or Cabot’s SPF hardwood oil, then wipe the excess off immediately (should not be applied in full sun). If the tiles are dipped and then the excess wiped off, you will get a complete coverage of the wood slats. Ipe is so dense that it will take 2-3 applications of this process to soak into the wood properly, therefore once the oil has dried, another dip or two will help penetrate the wood. Used rags must be disposed of immediately as they are highly combustible in sunlight when left to dry.

• Watco recommends their Timberguard product. This is an external timber finishing oil containing a UV filter. It is possible that one application (3 coats) of this product could give between 18 months and 3 years protection from fading.

  Water spots are common on all hardwood decks. Therefore, regular care and maintenance is essential to prevent this. If left untreated, the water rings will eventually fade out, along with the wood color





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